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Kevin Galvin Tile and Marble


Stacked Stone Fireplace ...

Rustic stacked-stone panels were installed from floor to ceiling on these dramatic fireplacess. Incorporating cable and electrical wiring allows a fireplace surround to serve double-duty for placement of a flat screen TV.


Striking cross-cut Travertine tiles were used to create this contemporary fireplace.

Contemporary Fireplace ...





Stone Details ...

El Dorado stone highlights a whimsical fountain to create a unique focal point in our Client's courtyard.  

 Yin and Yang ...

Water Feature ...

This gorgeous fountain in rich gold-toned Travertine inlaid with colorful handmade Mexican tiles makes a bold statement on our Client's rear patio.

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This colorful birdbath (and the inspiration for our logo!) was created entirely by hand using an array of brilliant glass tiles. Each individual tile was cut to fit and arranged into an original hand-sketched design.  Note how the strategic placement of contrasting dots of color makes the entire birdbath "pop" with vibrant color.  This project was a labor of love and took many hours to create.  We think the birds are pleased with the result! 

Special Projects ...